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black and tan and white
imported from India
Owlly unknown  
Minky unknown  
INT CH. Moetica
Cremissimo Damillion, sable
Tacalla Kubera, sable GB CH Spandapas Senghi Lama for Braeduke, sable GB CH Taimani Ghadiali, sable
GB CH Braeduke Samgiti Sutta, sable
Ryswick Anais Anais, sable Amcross Tan Dhori of Gemette, sable
Clydum Classic Collection at Ryswick, sable
Int Ch.
Rombon Raccoon Party, particolor
Helfor Norbu, gold GB CH Carretero Dancing Master, sable
Noori of Helfor, particolor
Braeduke Miu, sable GB CH Braeduke Phut Skyi, sable
Braeduke Me Tu at Reinbridge, particolor